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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Looking For Links

Although most blogs put the initial focus on commentary, I have decided to first concentrate on building up a "database" of relevant links. I am therefore looking for suggestions.

I am most interested in links related to the following kinds of topics:

-- NJ finances,
-- NJ taxes,
-- NJ debt ratings,
-- "mandatory" versus "discretionary" spending,
-- hidden NJ financial liabilities,
-- the local financial impact of new state regulations,
-- the allocation methods for property tax relief funds,
-- accurate and timely disclosure of NJ financial data,
-- NJ public employee compensation data (salaries/benefits/pensions),
-- NJ economic strength,
-- relevant comparisons of NJ to other states,
-- "regionalization" of municipal services,
-- relevant public policy organizations and papers,
-- independent analyses of NJ's financial situation,
-- "key players" to fix the problems,
-- etc.

Since many NJ bloggers already do a good job of commenting on day-to-day events, I am more interested in links related to longer-term trends and proposed solutions.

I also want to add bloggers (or other commentators) in NJ or elsewhere who focus on these issues.

Please feel free to contact me with any other comments or suggestions.


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