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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

NJ Tax and Spending Data

As you can see to the right, I've been able to accumulate a fair number of links regarding NJ tax and spending data, as well as relevant comparisons to other states.

In many cases, the only available figures are a few years old, due to lags in data accumulation by NJ and the federal government. However, these figures still provide a pretty good sense of how the state revenues and expenses fit together (or not), and the general magnitude of the sums involved. The greatest deficiency is the lack of timely and comprehensive data regarding the state's overall debt position as well as unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities.

The relative state rankings are probably pretty stable over the last few years, since the underlying economies, tax policies, laws, etc don't change as quickly as other factors. It's also necessary to remember that there may be significant differences in the relative funding mix of local property taxes, local sales taxes, state sales taxes, and state income taxes. Although NJ's property taxes are higher than most other states, sales tax per capita is lower than many.


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