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Thursday, April 27, 2006

All Vision, No Execution

The latest creature to emerge from Dr Corzine's laboratory is the NJ Commission on Government Efficiency and Reform. As the Gov describes its mission, "I look forward to reviewing the commission’s proposals to re-engineer state government and maximize the quality of services New Jersey citizens are receiving."

Give me a f*****g break.

The last thing we need is more task force proposals.

Prior to his inauguration, Corzine set up 19 policy groups. Since the inauguration, he has created at least 2 more (including the one above). Corzine has already received a multitude of specific recommendations across the board. A small forest has been cut down to compile all the ideas. We don't need any more proposals at this point. We need to see some action. Corzine needs to quit stalling. He's supposed to be the head of the executive branch, not the think tank branch.

I'm not asking for miracles. There's plenty to choose from. Corzine has had five months to identify high priority initiatives. Pick a few and get going. It's time to start executing.


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