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Monday, April 24, 2006

Democrats' Dilemma?

David Rebovich has a new post that's worth a visit. In general, I think he's too easy on the Democrats' responsibility for our current mess, and too optimistic about Corzine, but judge for yourself.

"In the face of a big budget deficit, Governor Corzine has decided to deemphasize his party's historic commitment to an activist government and to the notion of entitlement and instead focus on fiscal integrity and the state's long-term economic well-being. To achieve both of these goals, several key elements in the Democratic Party coalition are being asked to sacrifice..."


At 1:24 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...

"Then there is the notion that people, from the unemployed urbanite to the tax-weary upper-middle class suburbanite, are entitled to assistance from government, especially if they are part of the Democratic coalition!"

Pray tell what does he mean by the "tax-weary" looking for government assistance? Less government spending and fewer tax hikes? The usual "Democratic Party coalition" is protected in Corzine's budget - the 9.2% increase in spending isn't for the "tax-wearry".

At 2:17 PM, Blogger PN said...

At some point the highly paid union employee segment of the Democratic base will join the "tax-weary" segment, and then the coalition fault lines will really surface.

As Rebovich points out, the Democrats' game plan self-destructs when they can no longer use borrowing and budget gimmicks to avoid the reality of finite resources.


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