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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another Year Of "Tax And Spend"

Gov Corzine and the Assembly Democrats have apparently reached a budget deal. Here's all you need to know.

Once again, the Democrats increase NJ taxes. The sales tax will go from 6% to 7%. One of the highest tax states in the country will become even more onerous.

Once again, the Democrats continue to waste taxpayer money. There will be no headcount reductions or spending cuts in our bloated state government. The Democrats ignored all spending cut proposals, and made no progress in reducing or eliminating runaway state spending. Another tax increase is now certain for next year.

Once again, the Democrats lie about property tax relief. Any talk about setting aside a portion of the tax increase is simply blather, nothing more than lipstick on the pig. The commingled tax revenues will soon be diverted to other programs.

Once again, the Democrats fleece NJ taxpayers.


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've lived in Bergen County for over 40 years. I've watch the county overbuild. I've seen farm land disappear to become developments, single family homes torn down and replaced by condos and the population of the county grow increasingly denser.

During that time I have seen the state institute an income tax, raise the sales tax, and then raise the income tax multiple times. The New Jersey I grew up in is not the New Jersey I now live in. With ever increasing taxes being consumed by the state and the county, it's time to pull up stakes a move. North Carolina, here I come.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger PN said...

I also live in Bergen County. As near as I can tell, county government is totally unaccountable to the voters. However, most of my frustration and anger is directed at state government, which is little more than Trenton Clown College.

I expect the number of people leaving the state to really accelerate over the next few years. It's too bad, because NJ has a lot of good people and nice features. Unfortunately, honest and competent government is not one of them.

NJ Fiscal Folly

At 11:31 AM, Blogger Zagen Germaine said...

If you had the choice between taking out $40,000.00 of your inherited cash which is part of a larger IRA to pay off debts (but did not have to sell stocks to get that $ & your tax bracket is $15% but perhaps less since I am on SSD & earn less than 14,000.00 a year) or take out a 9% re-fill on a 2nd home, which is being rented for $1000.00 a month that will be sold in 3 years with a contract)- is it as simple as comparing interest rates to decide that a 9% re-fill is a better deal than a 15% deal? ( the 9% is non-negotiable as I can only get a "no doc/no asset loan" at that tax brackets unfortunately)or are there other matters to consider.


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